Get inspired with your colleagues at CALCON 2020!

This year we are excited to bring you an innovative virtual program containing dynamic keynote presentations, half day pre-conference workshops, breakout sessions, virtual exhibit hall and more!                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Joy of Community:  Building it One Hello at a Time

Pat Wagner    

Management Consultant & Instructional Producer    

Pattern Research, Inc.

A community is a place where people are seriously concerned about each other's well-being and act on those feelings. Community is the created family, the village without xenophobia, the "us and us" of public life, and a constant reunion of the practical and the spiritual.

Community is the hello to everyone, the gift that is on the recipient’s terms, the shared work, forgiveness, and celebration.

For people who work with and for libraries, community-building is more than mission statements and posters, newsletters and websites. Learn how community is built and strengthened in personal interactions, every day.


@ 12:00 pm

Libraries as Liberatory and Healing Spaces:  Supporting Student Readers in Educational Spaces and Beyond

Julia Torres    

Teacher Librarian    

Denver Public Schools

In this session, veteran ELA teacher and Montbello Campus Librarian Julia E. Torres will talk about libraries as spaces to support and encourage student engagement and activism as well as how to respond when students have become disenfranchised by the school system. Through her journey teaching in three districts of drastically different sizes, and working with students from diverse backgrounds, as well as educators across the globe, Julia has learned to use a variety of practical strategies to engage and encourage students who may not see themselves as readers. Participants will also hear about her work as a co-founder of #DisruptTexts a movement, and pedagogical stance that informs those looking to rethinking and transform which texts we see as worthy of academic study.


@  8:30 am

24th Annual Julie Boucher Keynote on Intellectual Freedom:

What are We Talking About When We Talk about Free Speech?

Alison Macrina    


Founder and Director of Library Freedom Project

Conversations about intellectual freedom often center around familiar topics like privacy, censorship, and free speech. But how do these issues relate to the power structures that underlie our world? Join CAL’s Intellectual Freedom Committee as we welcome Alison Macrina, the founder and director of the Library Freedom Project, to discuss whose speech is actually being suppressed (hint: it’s usually not those who are loudest!) and how we can begin to reframe conversations about intellectual freedom.


@  11:30 am



CALCON 2020 simply could not happen without our amazing exhibitors! And the best part? They are here just for you! Make sure to get the most out of your time in the Exhibit Hall!

  • Draft a list of your organization's needs in the next 6-12 months.

  • Scan the list of Exhibitors and to see who might be able to help you and your library meet its goals.

  • Be sure to draft questions you want to ask.

  • It’s all about relationships, so have real conversations. Share what you need, and keep them informed.

  • Set an appointment with your favorite vendor. 

  • Follow your favorite vendors on social media. Vendors can educate you on the latest trends and technology.

  • Gather names and business cards from everyone you meet. You never know what connections you may need down the road!

  • Make sure to spend time looking for opportunities.

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